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This community has been created for people interested in talking about nutrition, food, health and healing following at least some of the priciples laid out by the folks at Wise Traditions, the quarterly journal released by the Weston A. Price foundation.

Basically, the thrust of the organization's argument is that naturally-sourced foods, including grassfed meats, broths, fermented foods, and raw dairy products as well as the usual fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and pure water, are the optimum diet for human beings -- processed food, white sugar, ultrapasteurized and homogenized dairy products, soy foods, and hydrogenated oils are what's killing us.

In the 30s, Price (a dentist) traveled the world studying the eating habits and bone structure of native peoples everywhere, including then-isolated populations in Europe, Pacific islands, and the like. His book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, is an interesting study with many debatable points -- Price was very enlightened in terms of nutrition but lacked enlightenment socially. The book is relatively hard to find.

The other book that's important to discuss is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig. It's a cookbook and a study of nutrition based partially on Price's work, though Enig has done terrific work on her own. This book (and others) are available on Amazon or can be gotten from the library.

This group isn't for vegetarians. The nutritional information in these books and at the website is far different than everything we've read or been taught for the last forty or fifty years and is hard to wrap one's head around at first. Trolling or slander will not be tolerated. This group is for people to talk about and learn about nutrition THIS way. Healthy debate is encouraged, but ad hominem attacks will get you banned. Information sharing, especially of sources of food and experiences in its preparation, is deeply encouraged. It's difficult and time-consuming to even do part of what they advocate, so this is a support forum as well for people who actually like spending time in the kitchen, who stay up late making stock, who aren't afraid to ferment.